YTS 3G Legal Follow-up System

YTS 3G Legal Follow-Up Systems is an expert solution with high level of aggregated information & experience developed for corporations providing mass products & services and focusing on debt collection.

YTS has been adopted at first hand by government and private corporate bodies like banks, telecom / GSM operators, digital broadcast companies, electricity, municipalities, water and gas suppliers & distributors, etc. Even only the bank receivables are taken into consideration, approximately 70% of Turkey’s total past-due receivables are managed via /etcBASE’s YTS 3G solution.

YTS 3G has been developed to centrally manage the collection operations & processes that corporations follow-up via related departments, branches, internal & outsource collection call centers, collection personnel, contracted law offices, legal authorities to speed and increase collection rate.
Main features;

  • Centralized management of legal processes
  • Assigning files automatically to Law Offices in certain criteria
  • Critical legal processes are carried out collectively by relevant law offices
  • Advance / Expense processes are managed centrally
  • Management of Law office’s progress payment
  • Performance Reporting
  • Effective integration with enterprise systems

With all these features YTS 3G addresses all necessities of debt collection in

  • operational
  • organizational
  • strategic levels