YTS 3G Loan Purge Management System

YTS 3G Loan Purge Management System is an expert solution for financial institutions that follow-up third, fourth and fifth group of the receivables in accordance with “The Statutory Reserves Decree”, stated by BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency).

Institutions (banks, lending institutions) using YTS 3G Loan Purge Management System are able to;

  • Follow-up debtor company, company balance sheets, loans and securities under group structure
  • Make security evaluations / re-evaluations and calculate net & exact values of reserves
  • Dynamically calculate reserves according to re-evaluated / updated securities for each & every cash & non-cash loan and automatically generate accounting records in accounting system
  • Optimize calculation of payment plans, collection, distribution of collection and reserves at each level of drawer (debtor, debtor group / subgroups, guarantor, security responsible)
  • Create flexible reports, facilitate strategic decisions supported with integrations and decision support mechanism for financial institutions

Benefits of YTS 3G Loan Purge Management System;

  • All securities and updated values can be traced in details online.
  • Reserves are automatically calculated according to “The Statutory Reserves Decree”
  • Detailed and flexible payment plans can be calculated.
  • Financial statement analyses are enabled.
  • Increases & facilitates communication across departments with assignment function
  • Holding / Group Companies can be monitored. Collection process, payment plans can be managed and reported together.
  • Automatic & periodical legal reporting is enabled.
  • Statistical data is generated for Risk Management and it helps in restructuring of the board or loan committee in accurate decision making.