YTS 3G Early Collection System

(0 to 90 day delinquent accounts)

This new framework has been designed for the collection of 0 to 90 days delinquent accounts with the following advantages, supported by new technologies and communication channels.

  • Seamless Batch Operations (Prioritization, Segmentation, Optimization in the given logic)

- Task Management
- Communication by Phone
- Communication by SMS
- Communication by Letter
- 118 Inquiries
- Official Institutional Inquiries

  • Integration with Resources (Call Center, GSM Operators, Phone Directory Services, Postal Services, Social Security Institution, etc.)
  • Cost Effective Resource Management
  • Efficient Outsource Management
  • Debt Collection at Early Stage
  • Detailed and Powerful Logging
  • Integrity within “0 to 90 days” / “Pre-legal Follow-up” / “ Legal Follow-up”
  • Contact Details Update / Enrichment
  • Provide Valuable Data to BI Analysis
  • Dynamic and Unlimited Reporting