YTS 3G Smart Updates and Communication Services (AGIS)

Users of YTS 3G, collection offices and contracted law offices are able to reach to debtors faster by subscribing to YTS 3G AGIS (YTS 3G Smart Updates and Communication Services).
YTS 3G AGIS subscribers can;

  • Verify the contact information of debtors they want to reach faster and economically by receiving their updated contact numbers through Online Verification Services (118 Unknown Number / Name Inquiry Services).
  • Reach to debtor’s updated contact information via the highest technological communication tools available in Communication Services (SMS to ID Numbers, SMS, E-mail, Click-to-Call, etc)

YTS 3G AGIS subscribers can manage all activities within the system and the results of the activities are recorded in YTS 3G to the relevant file. Thereby companies and contracted
law offices / collection agencies reach to more debtors for reconciliation and collection
cost-effectively in a shorter period of time.