GYS Property Evaluation and Real-Estate Hypothecation Management System

GYS includes the management and operation of evaluation of securities during
“Mortgage Loans” and “Commercial Loans” by external evaluation offices and hypothecation of the real-estates by legal representatives of banks after the approval of loans.

Along with the integration to the bank systems and with the help of mobile and map integrations, banks can take faster credit granting decisions. Operational effectiveness can be reached in batch / routine processes (re-evaluation, tax, insurance, calculations etc.)

GYS has two main processes;

  • Property Evaluation (Expertise) Process
  • Real-Estate Hypothecation Process

Benefits of GYS;

  • Simplifies administration by intelligent and automated batch file assignment
  • Enables acquiring the right information directly from the source, allows using and processing it.
  • Enable monitoring and management of SPK (Capital Markets Board) licensed appraisal firms by the corporation.
  • Enable monitoring and management of the appraiser’s workflow by licensed appraisal firm.
  • Increase credit approval / disbursement rate.
  • Enable to produce entire Expertise and Hypothecation data in the system and allows assessing and reporting it.
  • Accelerate the evaluation and Real-Estate Hypothecation process
  • The information generated in the process of appraisal is transmitted to lawyers with the approval of relevant departments through the system.
  • Enable monitoring and management of the Real-Estate Hypothecation law office’s workflow.
  • All stages are monitored by relevant departments / law offices and corporation
  • Document delivery, updates are done through the system.
  • All information is stored systematically for later use.
  • Increase operational productivity / efficiency
  • Reduce costs and risks