A new era in Turkey’s long-standing and reliable debt collection management platform

/etcBASE, the market leader in debt collection management systems is pioneering an innovative era with a refreshed architecture and vision. Over the past four years, with “dedicated” human resources and the latest Java technologies /etcBASE has developed a new framework with its 18 years of experience. On top of the “Pre-Legal Follow-up”, “Legal Follow-up” and “Provisions” main modules, “Early Collection System” (0 to 90 days delinquent accounts) has been introduced. Thanks to that, it is the first time in Turkey a platform is providing an end-to-end solution for debt collection management before and after purge.

A Brand New Architecture, Brand New Vision

The leading brand /etcBASE, chosen by 9 out of 12 of Turkey’s largest banks, GSM operators, some telecommunications companies, privatized electricity retail & distribution companies and companies offering mass products / services, has been presenting its expertise for the new demands of the market.

/etcBASE has developed a new java-based framework particularly to meet bank’s and GSM operator’s high expectations, high business continuity & accessibility level with low maintenance cost, in compliance with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and bank’s guidelines / legislation with new technologies ( “java”, “web service”, “spring” , “hibernate”, “adobe flex”, “lucene”, jasper, JMS ) and current methodologies.

( “multi-tenant”, “multi-lingual”, “model & process driven”, “meta-data flexible”, “rule sensitive” and “database independent”) . Thus, each customer with different expectations and subject to different regulations would be positioned on a highly flexible, powerful and comprehensive framework instead of making any adaptations and arrangements.

YTS 3G in the cloud

As a result of a 4 years of study, with the vision of being an international platform YTS 3G was coded in English and positioned to respond to all market needs with 18 years of refined experience.

YTS 3G has been designed to run on cloud computing as SaaS model in database and application server with multi-tenant structure. The tasks within the processes that can be made more practical are identified along with the changing market dynamics, technology and knowledge to the point of making the excellence. In this way, /etcBASE has created a platform to bring the companies requesting collection services and companies providing collection services & law offices together.

The ability to adapt to different scales

Until now, /etcBASE has been preferred by large-sized organizations offering mass products and services with complicated debt collection processes. However, using YTS 3G in cloud computing will reduce the cost of ownership and this will allow us to provide service to companies at different scales.

Companies requesting collection services and companies & law offices providing these services would be able to meet by subscribing to the platform without bearing any cost of software and hardware.