A Brand New Architecture, A Brand New Vision: YTS 3G (3rd Generation YTS)

The leading brand /etcBASE, chosen by 9 out of 12 of Turkey’s largest banks, GSM operators, some telecommunications companies, privatized electricity retail & distribution companies and companies offering mass products / services, has been presenting its expertise for the new demands of the market.

/etcBASE has developed a new java-based framework particularly to meet bank’s and GSM operator’s high expectations, high business continuity & accessibility level with low maintenance cost, in compliance with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and bank’s guidelines / legislation with new technologies (“java”, “web service”, “spring”, “hibernate”, “adobe flex”, “lucene”, jasper, JMS) and current methodologies (“multi-tenant”, “multi-lingual”, “model & process driven”, “meta-data flexible”, “rule sensitive” and “database independent”). Thus, each customer with different expectations and subject to different regulations would be positioned on a highly flexible, powerful and comprehensive framework instead of making any adaptations and arrangements.