YTS 3G Early Collection System

This new framework has been designed for the collection of 0 to 90 days delinquent accounts with the following advantages, supported by new technologies and communication channels.

YTS 3G Pre-legal Follow-up System

Sending 0 to 90 days of uncollected receivables in banks and similarly in other sectors to litigation process is not the last resort for collection. Before starting the litigation process, you could reach out to debtors systematically and with appropriate communication skills to conclude the process in peace.

YTS 3G Legal Follow-up System

YTS 3G Legal Follow-Up Systems is an expert solution with high level of aggregated information & experience developed for corporations providing mass products & services and focusing on debt collection.

YTS 3G Loan Purge Management System

YTS 3G Loan Purge Management System is an expert solution for financial institutions that follow-up third, fourth and fifth group of the receivables in accordance with “The Statutory Reserves Decree”, stated by BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency).

YTS 3G Smart Updates and Communication Services (AGIS)

Users of YTS 3G, collection offices and contracted law offices are able to reach to debtors faster by subscribing to YTS 3G AGIS (YTS 3G Smart Updates and Communication Services).

GYS Property Evaluation and Real-Estate Hypothecation Management System

GYS includes the management and operation of evaluation of securities during “Mortgage Loans” and “Commercial Loans” by external evaluation offices and hypothecation of the real-estates by legal representatives of banks after the approval of loans.